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Morning Sickness

Yay! You are pregnant! Boo! You have morning sickness.  A pregnant woman’s body is going through so many hormonal and physical changes—it is no wonder we can feel queasy. And strangely, for something which affects so many women, there is surprisingly little research into what causes it and how to treat it.

Here are the basics:

Morning sickness is nausea that lasts usually for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy—but can last longer and be severe with vomiting. If it becomes very serious medical assistance (IV hydration and anti-nausea drugs) may be necessary for the safety of mother and baby.

From what I have seen as a doula & experienced myself as a mother—I know what works for one of us, might not work for another. So here is a list of things to try and I really hope one of them works for you!

  1. Shiatsu (I will declare my interest here as a shiatsu practitioner). Shiatsu balances the whole energy system, helping to nourish and support the changes of pregnancy. Using finger pressure on acupuncture points around the body, it has been found to help with nausea. [1] Plus it is an excuse for a massage—if you needed an excuse that is.
  1. Ginger. Ginger comes in many forms: tea, tablets, candy, drinks, and essential oil. Try them all! One of them just might be your ticket! Personally I found Ginger Ale and ginger tea to be indispensible. It is however a potent herb and you should check with your doctor or midwife before binging on heavy doses of the stuff. [2]
  1. Vitamin B-6 & 12—this would be included in any decent pregnancy multi vitamin. (I’m partial to New Chapter or Viridian). So check your vitamins before you go doubling up. [3]
  1.  Eat little and often. Carry snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, organic turkey jerky, cheese sticks. Try a protein rich diet with lots of fruit & veg and you can’t really go wrong.
  1. Magnesium. Pregnancy hormones slow magnesium absorption down. Magnesium plays a role in clearing cortisol (stress hormone which causes blood sugar spikes). Spikes in blood sugar can lead to nausea. In early pregnancy we can become deficient in this and other minerals. [4]

The best things you can do for yourself during pregnancy are to eat well, rest well, get fresh air when you can and be kind to yourself. You are growing a tiny baby human and that is hard work mama!