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World Doula Week Distance Healing

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This is the alter I made for the distance healing. I love the quince blossoms!



This is Jessica A.’s alter, I love the egg candles!

World Doula Week Distance Healing:


Jessica and I offered our first distance healing together on Friday the 28th of March in honor of World Doula Week. As doulas , we felt that we wanted to be of service and give a gift in joy and love from our hearts. What better way to honor birth workers and birthing mothers alike than to offer a distance healing?


We started a facebook event here:

And invited all to join and we both felt deeply all who joined in. So many thanks for sharing the love!


Here is the vision that came to me as I held space for the healing:


We gathered in the ancient cave, called the Hall of Women. We greeted each other with hugs and laughter and touching of hands, eyes and hearts. Some of you brought drums. Some danced circles and spirals, pounding earth with bare feet. Some sang, some prayed. We gathered, in the place of spirit.


The air smelled of copal, of Santo Palo, of white sage. Together we raised energy from the deep beating heart of the earth and pulled light down from the bright mystery of heaven. And we breathed into our love and trust, in the place of spirit. We sent this out into the world, a gift. Energy that each birthing mother may call upon and use as she needs. The each birth attendant may tap into its presence and use it freely to be more present in the birthing space.


Then we were in the great river together. Floating freely through earth and sky. I saw hummingbird swaying above our heads and leopard watching silently from the trees.


I asked Hummingbird what message she had and for the birthing mothers and their babies she brought a message of tasting the sweet joy in life. Being light and hopefully and free.


I asked leopard what her message was and for the birth workers her message is to have trust in the process, be watchful and a guardian of the magic journey and the space.



Reflecting on this journey these words came to me:


The pain, the tears, the transformation,

Standing at the shadow gate and reaching through to pull new life

Breathing, sighing, crying

Into this body, into this time.

Bless you, bless you birthing mothers.


Birth attendants:

Witnesses of the journey

In the most ancient sense,

Guardians of the space,

Knowledgeable guides,

Tenders of the path

Please, touch with care, with thought and with love.

Be the ferry on the river, the bridge as needed.

Find your strength, courage, clarity, compassion and love as your greatest tools.

Listen well and do only as needed and asked.


Jessica pointed out that the mother is very much the bridge for the baby and holds the space of birther and birth attendant for the baby—and that felt so right to me.


Many blessings to you all from both of us.



We are so inspired by the depth of the healing that we will be offering it on the last Friday of every month. If you would like to join us please feel welcome here:



The healings are offered freely but we are honored to take donations to support our work.

You can make donations via our website here:


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