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Good Vibrations

red peony

Flower, gem and environmental essences are a vibrational medicine. This means that they work on the subtle bodies: things like our emotions – not always so subtle heh!? And our auras—something certainly less tangible. But you don’t need to be a clairvoyant or even a hippie to feel what I am talking about. This is real experience. Just go into nature, put your bare feet on the earth and notice how you feel. Take a look around you and notice what plants surround you. Nature is everywhere and we are part of it. Just doing this simple activity reminds us that we are connected to the greater picture- not alone and isolated, as we can all easily feel sometimes.


Flower essences take this connection a step further. Like many traditional medicine practitioners, I believe that nature is a wonderful gift. We are surrounded by plants and beings that want to connect with us. They want to share a lesson or different perspective. Their messages are everywhere if we have the eyes to see and the ears to listen.


When Jessica and I make essences together, we will hear a call from a plant. One of my favorite teachers, Rachel Singleton from Lightbringer Essences, calls it an ARRESTING FLOWER MOMENT. This is where we are entranced by a flower. Suddenly we see it, as if for the first time, and know this plant wants to work with us. We sit in meditation with the plant, asking for guidance, to be shown the message. We journal separately and then compare notes after the essence is made. Time and time again, the feeling and message from the plant is the same for both of us. This is what makes it so much fun to work together.


Solstice is a wonderful time of year to get some support from flower essences. As we transition from the intuitive feminine aspect of the year and into the active masculine time of the year, we may need a little support. Balancing flowers such as roses, lilies and irises can help us work to bring our own masculine and feminine sides into flow and harmony. Why not add a few drops of a your favorite (we love mother rose & iris by soul tree) essence into your morning face cream for a little extra glow. Or even better take a few drops in warm water with lemon in the morning to put a real bounce in your step.


Playing in the sun? You can add a few drops of blue or white or indigo flowers into your sun cream or after sun for extra auric cooling. We love white lotus or self heal in some aloe gel for a fab homemade after sun.


As with anything trust your intuition when choosing essences, if in doubt, send us an email—we are happy to answer any questions.

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Want to find out more about essences? Why not sign up for our Sacred Essence webinar. It starts Sept. 5th and is 3 weeks of play with essences, including how to make your own & incorporate into your life practice.     Sign up here




That Yoga Glow

This is a bit of a personal one. I had a baby last year. And she is gorgeous! But in the midst of all the charming and constant distraction, I never really got back into fitness routine. I walk a lot and swim on occasion but a year on post baby, I was feeling like this wasn’t enough. Honestly, I was feeling flabby and tired.

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Like many parents I juggle work, children’s needs, family needs and whatever life seems to chuck our way. From getting people to school in the morning, nutritious food on the table, putting valued time into my marriage & my children, to running my business it always seemed that exercise was last on the list.

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Of course any sort of ‘me time’ is usually last on the list. Although it shouldn’t be (check out my blog on sacred bathing). Then I discovered the Yoga Glo website. Other free yoga sessions are available—check this one out by the divine Kevin & Lara . This ticks all the boxes, no excuses! I can do a short 30 min yoga practice every day without leaving my house. I can do it without a shower or getting dressed. I don’t need any special equipment, although I do use a yoga matt. I can do it with the baby and cat flitting around my ankles. And I FEEL GREAT!!!!


Doing yoga everyday has improved my moods, helped de-stress, and strengthened my core. I feel healthier, stronger and calmer. I have loads more energy and sleep better at night. I am converted to having a daily practice from having none at all.


So, if you too are feeling that postnatal drag, just give a daily practice a try –even if it is only for 15 minutes—carve yourself out the time—you deserve it and so does your family.