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That Yoga Glow


This is a bit of a personal one. I had a baby last year. And she is gorgeous! But in the midst of all the charming and constant distraction, I never really got back into fitness routine. I walk a lot and swim on occasion but a year on post baby, I was feeling like this wasn’t enough. Honestly, I was feeling flabby and tired.

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Like many parents I juggle work, children’s needs, family needs and whatever life seems to chuck our way. From getting people to school in the morning, nutritious food on the table, putting valued time into my marriage & my children, to running my business it always seemed that exercise was last on the list.

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Of course any sort of ‘me time’ is usually last on the list. Although it shouldn’t be (check out my blog on sacred bathing). Then I discovered the Yoga Glo website. Other free yoga sessions are available—check this one out by the divine Kevin & Lara . This ticks all the boxes, no excuses! I can do a short 30 min yoga practice every day without leaving my house. I can do it without a shower or getting dressed. I don’t need any special equipment, although I do use a yoga matt. I can do it with the baby and cat flitting around my ankles. And I FEEL GREAT!!!!


Doing yoga everyday has improved my moods, helped de-stress, and strengthened my core. I feel healthier, stronger and calmer. I have loads more energy and sleep better at night. I am converted to having a daily practice from having none at all.


So, if you too are feeling that postnatal drag, just give a daily practice a try –even if it is only for 15 minutes—carve yourself out the time—you deserve it and so does your family.


Author: pocketdoula

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2 thoughts on “That Yoga Glow

  1. Feeling postnatal drag, no. Feeling drag – all the time! I need to get me some yoga in my life!

  2. check out that free one, they do a new one every day 🙂 xx

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